(Fake) Wood Desk Chair Carpet Mat

Thats how I roll.

So starting off the new year, I began working from home.  Like any good hard working American should, I picked up the Gemini L desk, a fine piece of American (Chinese) craftsmanship.

Do work, Son.

Renting an apartment and hoping to get a return security deposit, I didn’t want to destroy my carpeting.  So I began searching for one of those oh-so-classy plastic carpet mats:

All business

How much would you be willing to spend on a plastic mat?  $25?  $50?  Try $120!!!!!  Yeah, over $100 for a sheet of heavy plastic.  Not  interested.

So I started checking the net for more options.  After some good ol’ brainstorming and being cheap frugal, I came up with the perfect idea.


  1. Lauan/Luan plywood – Any local Home Depot or Lowes will hook it up.  $10 for 8′ x 4′ sheets.
  2. Peel n’ Stick flooring – I picked up a pack of 1′ x 1′ fake wood panels at Big Lots for $10
  3. Sandpaper.  I pretend to do things right occasionally.

1) Cut the luan to fit your area.

Get an idea of how much rolling you do and figure this accordingly.  For my desk size a 3′ x 4′ rectangle was exactly what I needed.  In the move, I unfortunately had to leave my garage and basement behind.  Still feeling the place out but I think using circular saws in your apartment living room is not only difficult, but frowned upon.  Any Home Depot or Lowes will do simple cuts for you in the store.  Just ask.

How much wood could a woodchuck...

Two of the three pieces cut out of the full sheet of  Lauan.  This project also helped me find out that a 3′ x  4′ object is the max the backseat of a 2007 Pontiac
G6 can hold.

Try and sand down any rough edges and wipe off any  sawdust afterwards so you get a good stick with the  vinyl flooring.  Unless you’re lazy.  Then screw it, its  fine.

2) Stick ’em up…er…down…

Peel n Stick flooring.

This vinyl flooring stuff is really great.  Super easy to  use and nice and durable.  Perfect for a project like  this.  If you keep your eyes peeled you can get a nice  deal.  Only $10 for this pack.

A single piece of the vinyl flooring.  You can see the  peel off paper protecting the adhesive on the back.

Work faster!

My lovely assistant doing all the work.  Make sure you  work slowly and match up the seams tightly.

The Final Product!


Total I spent $20 on materials and about 15 minutes to put it all together.  Much cheaper and way better looking than one of the plastic mats.  I’m very happy with how it turned out.  If you wanted you could always make a few more cuts and have it extend more under the desk.  I was more interested in where the chair was when my butt was in it so this was fine for me.  Get to work.


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