I’m Steve and I develop software and manage this fantastic thing.

I can’t leave anything alone, and half the things I own have been taken apart or built myself(for better or for worse).  I’m always coming up with a way to hack something more to my liking.  I hate paying outrageous amount of money for things I can do myself with a little time, effort, and knowledge.  Thats the point of this blog…to share my attempts(they don’t always work, thats for sure.)

My posts will include(often in some combination) but are not limited to:

  • Mountain Biking
  • Automotive Industy
  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Pool
  • Music
  • Alcohol
  • Other

More about me:

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown(UPJ).  I had a great time there because I made the best of the campus and tried to enjoy myself.  Small campuses require a pro-active attempt to have fun and I did that in abundance.  I took 5.5 years to leave, and regret that decision none.  I learned a lot about people, vices, fun, and life.  I also have a piece of paper that says people can pay me to program computers, which I do well.

I live with my girlfriend fiance Nicole and I assume she’ll come up in my more ranting posts(surely ranting about my undying love and not the qualms of cohabitation).

I’ve played pool for years and love the game.  If I’m sober or just the right drunk, I will beat you or make a great excuse for losing.

Developed a love for music early on, playing the trumpet from 4th until 9th grade (the marching and silly outfits ended that chapter).  Since then I’ve become a fairly talented guitar player(16 years and going strong), a little bass, drums, a few notes on the piano, and several hundred hours on Rock Band.  I rock a Washburn Acoustic and a black Gibson Les Paul Studio that has had a snapped neck for over a year(this is not currently rocked).

I have been slowly becoming an avid mountain biker over the years, with a 2006 Specialized Hardrock Sport that very much needs upgrading.

I drive an ’07 Electric Blue Pontiac G6 GT with a few mods.  This will surely come up as the things I’ve done to my car fall very much into the category of this site.

My Springfield XD .40 is a good way to blow off some steam at the gun range.  My girlfriend fiance knows how to use it.  If you break into my home and look like the grass 5′ before a paper target, you will be dead.

Thanks for checking this out.  Hopefully this site becomes something worthwhile and not one of the many lost or just wasteful sites out there.  I’m here to help.


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